my goal for this work:

  weak signal operating is my real hobby.

So lets try out the new PI4 beacon mode created by Bo OZ2M and his group.
The OZ7IGY Beacon is on in this mode since the beginning of 2013.
The Beacon is 545km away from my QTH but this is not a challenge.

The challenge is the following....

My QTH is in a deep valley with mountains up to 850m around.
That means a minimal horizon elevation of around 10 degrees beaming to OZ7IGY.

my radio horizon beaming to OZ7IGY:

So i let run the radio for long time to find out if there is something.

IT is something in the air

from time to time i got decodes from OZ7IGY  in the PI4 Software.
The signals are weak with some dopplershift on it.
It looks like scattered signals from aircrafts.
 The picture gave the result of around 20 hours monitoring the
beacon frequency of 144.4702 MHz in USB mode on May 26th 2013.


 Some more good reflections on June 1st 2013.

update 4.june2013:
my radio path to OZ7IGY calculatet using airscout from DL2ALF

you can see, that the planes must be above around 12000m to get any reflection
now i know why the reflections are so rare

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