READY for Es'HailSat 2

QO-100 Es'Hail2 is QRV since some weeks...the setup is working nice
The information about modifying this LNBs was removed
because it was used by resellers without of asking before.

On the market there are also modified LNBs with some "wobbling".


I have spent a lot of time and money to verify
which devices work and which not .

This modification was only made for the personal use of
radioamateurs and is without any warranty.

So it worked on the old Octagon OTSLO,OSLO-Model and
this was verified by other radiomateurs.
I have this old OTSLO LNBs in use for my Station
and they are working very well.

(all information about is given in the AMSAT-DL Forum)

Maybe some new information will follow in next time?

SORRY and 73 de DG0OPK
start original text april 2017

my goal for this work:
It is planned to launch the first geostationary amateur radio satellite after some delay in the beginning of 2018.
Es'Hailsat2 has 2 S-band(uplink) and X-band (downlink) transponders on board. The downlink frequencies of the X-band
transponder are near the commercial TV downlink frequencies. So it is possible to use cheap LNBs from TV for the reception.
In 2013 there were made some observations from radioamateurs that the PLL-LNBs use a simple crystal for the LO and can be
modified for amateur radio use. One of these types is (was - look below) the OCTAGON OTLSO TWIN LNB.
So some modifications with other crystals and also with external reference input were made. But this was not what I want.
I needed an highly stable LNB  for narrowband use  - SSB/CW/digimode and which can be used for normal TV reception without change.
So i decided to try modifiy the LNB with an internal TCXO.

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